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Manbase is a South African online store for men. We are focussed on men's lifestyle with product categories such as sunglasses, watches, wallets, bags, caps, apparel and even experiences. We add and update to these offerings in order to consistently offer the best value to our customers. Our payment gateways are secure, and deliveries are fast. There are no hidden fees, and we guarantee that what you see is what you get, or your money back.

Ladies are not left out – We started this journey when we realised that there is an obvious shortage of shops that focus on men’s lifestyle and understand their needs and wants when it comes to shopping online. This however does not mean we are excluding the ladies. We have carefully chosen some of our products to be unisex and thus allowing ladies to shop for themselves as well. We also put focus on Woman’s Day and Mother’s Day for example to offer even better deals.

Gifting and special occasions – We aim to ease the stress of this chore by offering themed gifting for your partner, friend, brother or father. We also bundle the best products at a discount and offer FREE gift wrapping all year round. We also have a variety of gift cards available.

Sourcing and South African pride – Whenever it comes to sourcing new products for our shop, we first look at our home where our small business counterparts need support. We strongly believe that supporting local business is the answer to job creation and we understand our responsibility in this regard. When we source products from other countries we focus on the balance of quality and cost to bring the best value to our customers.

The environment – We are extremely aware of the current state of our precious “blue dot” and its fauna & flora. Unfortunately, we are no where near the position to be able to promise things like carbon neutral business models but, we can ensure our customers that this is a subject we don’t take lightly, and we constantly evaluate ourselves and the part we play. One of our biggest challenges with this subject is cost and because we are not a large enterprise it’s difficult to lose customers because of costing vs the environment. Rest assured, we are not giving up and we are counting down the days when we can be more aggressive with this subject once we have grown into such a position.


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